Taste the World

Welcome. I'm Josep Pérez, your private chef with a globe-spanning journey in the culinary world, spanning 18 years. I've spent time in the kitchens of South Africa, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Spain, Dubai, and Turkey, gaining insights into their unique cuisines and techniques.

While my forte lies in Classical French Cuisine, my experiences have lent me versatility. I've cooked Indian, Italian, Spanish and even South African styles, giving my approach a global flavor. This is more than a job - it's a voyage in tastes, textures, and culinary exploration. I look forward to serving you.

Great food stimulates great company

As your personal culinary guide, I specialize in customizing one-of-a-kind dining experiences for individuals and intimate gatherings across the globe. Be it an intimate dinner, a convivial assembly of family and friends, or a larger celebration, your vision guides my creation.

At the heart of my craft is a commitment to freshness and quality. I handpick only the finest ingredients, ensuring each dish is not only a symphony of flavours, but also a wellspring of nutritional value. Together, let's shape your dream dining experience.

My Vision

As your private chef, delivering exceptional service is my topmost commitment. I've been fortunate to have crossed culinary paths with some of the finest ingredients and professionals from across the globe, an odyssey that has steeped me in a myriad of culinary traditions.

For me, the soul of cooking resides in simplicity, in the rustic dishes that tether us to our heritage. Many of my most cherished recipes weren't gleaned from celebrated cookbooks but handed down to me in the comforting kitchens of friends and family.

When we uphold and treasure these age-old recipes, we're doing more than safeguarding culinary traditions; we're preserving the stories and memories entwined within them. Food possesses a unique magic to unify, fostering a sense of community that surpasses borders and languages. Whether in our own kitchens or gathered around a restaurant table, it's a shared experience that forges lasting connections.

My professional ethos is anchored in reliability, discretion, and a seamless collaborative spirit. I attend to each detail, leaving you free to savor your meal, unhindered by distractions.

What's on offer?

Private chef for Functions

As your dedicated private chef, I meticulously craft balanced dining experiences. Every meal is a culinary journey, where each course harmoniously complements the next, infusing your dinner functions with vibrancy and finesse.

Cooking Classes

Nurture your culinary aspirations with my bespoke cooking classes. Whether you're an individual or a small group of friends, I provide hands-on training designed to help you master the art of cooking with the poise of a seasoned professional.

Restaurant Consultation

Navigating a menu revamp or creating a new one from scratch? Draw upon my extensive culinary knowledge and experience. I offer comprehensive advisory services, providing valuable insights to enhance your restaurant or café offerings.

A Journey in Flavors

Life's zest lies in its variety, a maxim that holds profound truth in the culinary realm. The temptation to cling to familiar favorites is natural, but embracing a spectrum of flavors, textures, and cuisines can amplify your health and holistic well-being.

Food variety can serve as a delectable passport to diverse cultures and cuisines. Sampling new dishes and mastering novel cooking techniques can widen your gastronomic panorama, fostering a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of global culinary traditions. Such exploration can foster deeper connections, whether you're relishing a meal with friends or trying out a new recipe with family.

As a chef, my thrill lies in experimenting with fresh cooking techniques and integrating them into my culinary vocabulary. This love for variety and exploration is what I strive to instill in my students and clients through my dishes and my approach to the culinary arts.

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